This Oil Spill Is A Big F**k You To The DAPL

A rupture in the Belle Fourche Pipeline just spilled 176,000 gallons of crude oil into a creek just 150 miles from The Standing Rock Sioux protest camp that has been set up for months.

Okay. Hold on just a second.

You mean to tell me, after all the violence, after all the people standing up and telling us the Native American water protectors were absolutely mad, EXACTLY what they are afraid will happen….just fucking happened?

While Energy Transfer Partners blindly promises Standing Rock that their “state-of-the-art” monitoring equipment will save them from any possible leaks, we speed forward 150 miles and see that True Cos. Oil missed the spill early on because, wait for it….

Their monitoring equipment just wasn’t working.

Yes, you can tell me repeatedly how the easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline was denied, and how great of a victory it was, but my question to you is:

“Who is it really a victory for?”

While we give mad props to the water protectors who have endured less than humane treatment, ridiculous weather conditions, and continue to stand firm at their campsite, plans are being drawn up to reroute this massive endeavor somewhere else.

The Desecration

So while you celebrate the safety of the drinking water, thousands of animals, farmers, and ranchers can now begin to sweat wondering if this type of event will happen on their land once the pipeline is moved away from the river.

What no one wants to stop and see is that this is no longer about the individual water sources, this is about our disgusting leech effect to the fossil fuel industry. While Standing Rock has their water victory, we stand by and watch as greedy oil companies allow their black gold to flow through pipes under the feet of our children.

We stand back and watch as pipelines and oil spills desecrate the very planet we rely on for life and all so you can watch the next episode of Gilmore girls while the after effects warm our climate to the point that the next great storm just might be the one that takes your house off its foundation.

Everyone wants to say sustainable energy is not possible but just look at hundreds of other countries who are well on their way to independence from this disgusting black silver dollar we fill our streets with.

Meanwhile, thousands of people will ignore the black sludge until one day they turn their water faucet on and nothing but tar runs down their drain…but then it’s too late, isn’t it?

Featured Image Via Shot Photos.