This Queen Put Her Foot Down But, Good Lord, Somebody Better Clothe Melania

Sophie Theallet, the absolutely fabulous designer whose creations have ended up on celebrities across the globe, including our beloved First Lady, Michelle Obama, put her swanky stiletto down when it comes to Melania Trump.

Theallet took to Twitter in her usual grandiose fashion and let the world know that despite her own immigration roots she will not support a woman who stands by a man who has no moral compass.

So if all the designers decide to stay as far away from the Cheetoh mansion as possible then we can only devise that Melania will continue to dress herself in her usual, non-presidential manner. Or worse……

Photo Via NY Post
Photo Via NY Post

Dear Lord, please let some designer have that typical Hollywood lack of rectitude and put some damn clothes on this woman. No one needs to see any more of the Trump family than we have already been unwillingly subjected to.

And as a side note to the woman who apparently had a severe lack of judgment, too much alcohol, or both when deciding to have an affair with Ted Cruz…shudder…you should probably stop comparing denying fundamental human rights to a protected group of people with a designer refusing to clothe one individual.


Featured Image Via Yahoo