Watergate Key Player Bob Woodward Recorded A Conversation With Trump and Proves He’s Lying. Again. (Full Audio)

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Donald Trump opened his mouth again, which means he’s lying. He is apparently unaware of iconic journalist Bob Woodward’s bio.

Pres. Donald Trump says that famed Watergate journalist Bob Woodward, author of book-turned-movie All The President’s Men and the new Trump exposé Fear: Trump in the White House, has written a book that is full of lies and fictional accounts and that Woodward never tried to talk to him about it.

Incidentally, Kellyanne Conway lies too and furthermore exposes that she doesn’t have direct access to Trump, saying “I put in the request” to tell Trump about the book and she was never approved.

Listen below to the conversation between Donald trump and Bob Woodward, the journalist who helped take down Richard Nixon during Watergate.

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