Kaepernick And Nike Clap Back Hard, Trump, NFL, And AmeriKKKa ‘Just Lost It’

He was just recently awarded the Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience and now Nike has catapulted former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick into the stratosphere of superstardom so galactically poignant, that the very image of Kaep and his glorious afro are forever seared into the collective consciousness of our nation.

The second coming of Colin is upon us — and his name is Afro Jesus!

Don’t be mislead, don’t be stupid… Nike totally gets it. You don’t become the most valuable clothing brand on Earth by accident. Everything Nike does is done on purpose. And very often, with purpose. Nike is more than aware of who Kaepernick is and what he represents. Even the “Just Do It” commercial Nike released a few hours ago starring Kaepernick is both a nod back to the 1960s Black Power movement and to a hard-earned future where sacrifice is necessary for one’s dreams to become reality.

Nike is, in fact, banking on Colin’s controversiality. Which is exactly why Nike will be airing the Colin Kaepernick ad tomorrow night during NFL Thursday Night Football’s Falcons-Eagles season opener.

Now THAT’S how you clap back!

You see, refusing to stand for the national anthem as a protest against police brutality is the epitome of patriotism. And while Colin’s freedom of speech may have cost him a pink slip from the 49ers, that very same sense of morality, compassion, and personal conviction was the magic potion Nike was looking for when tapping someone for their new campaign…  “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” And that’s EXACTLY what Kaepernick did — he sacrificed everything.

Now Nike is rewarding Colin Kaepernick for his sacrifice.

So let’s get real. Nike is just being Nike. And they just “did” it. This isn’t the first time they went out of a limb for someone and it won’t be their last. And guess what? Not a branch on that money tree has ever broken off. Besides, is there anything more patriotic than Nike? Not if you’re a capitalist — and the US is nothing if not for its capitalism. America worships the almighty green dollar above all else.

So it’s truly delicious to learn that Nike is going to pay Colin Kaepernick an endorsement fee that rivals the price tag of top players.

Oh, don’t worry about Nike’s tiny slip on the stock market these last couple of days — the marketing geniuses at Nike more than prepared for and predicted this necessary purging of certain unwanted customers. Nike’s decision to embrace Colin Kaepernick has provided the brand a means to disavow those it does not want to be associated with — this boycott of Nike by people who have no clue what makes America great, and equate patriotism with blind loyalty to the country, are not folks who deserve to wear the swoosh. Getting rid of the filth, Trump trash, and bigoted caucasian garbage will pay dividends in the future. Plus, it’s fun watching right-wing racists on Twitter going into a blind tizzy of fury and rage — so amped up, they protest Nike by burning their already-purchased sneakers. Stuff Nike already got paid for.

Afro Jesus gonna make it rain!

It was just this past Monday afternoon when Nike crowned our social justice savior and wrapped some of their billions around our warrior for what is right. Now the causes of Colin “I will not stand for the national anthem” Kaepernick, are fastened, bedazzled, and glued into all that is the tapestry of Nike.


Then again, Nike has always been a risk taker and a leader in illuminating social injustice — so the former NFL quarterback being chosen as the new face of their 30th anniversary of “Just Do It” campaign is spot on, necessary, and just the kind of thing that exemplifies this iconic motto.

It’s absolutely on brand.

“We believe Colin is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation, who has leveraged the power of sport to help move the world forward,” Gino Fisanotti told ESPN, Nike’s vice president of brand for North America.

The timing of this is also too yummy — just when Kaep’s lawsuit against the NFL was given the green-light to proceed, the last thing NFL bosses needed was the very same brand that is inextricably woven into the fabric and very soul of football, shine a light of such brightness upon Colin.

Kaepernick as you are probably aware of by now, is suing the NFL for colluding to keep him out of the league.

So here comes Nike officials shoving a football down the throats of NFL owners. Revenge is a dish best served on game day! Along with designing new shoes and athletic apparel for Kaepernick, Nike has donated a huge chunk of cash to his “Know Your Rights” campaign.

Nike has also locked the NFL into a contract supplying the franchise with uniforms and sideline apparel through the 2028 season.

In English, this means the NFL can’t just blow off Nike’s decision to lift up Kaepernick. Least we forget, Nike remains the world’s most valuable label at $28 billion. Matter of fact, if the NFL knows what’s good for them, they better get down on their knees, beg Kaep for forgiveness, and pay him a hundred million or so as an apology. Colin’s selflessness in demanding the nation take a long hard look at itself now must be rewarded.

Oh, and for all the racist haters boycotting the brand now that Colin Kaepernick is the face of Nike? I’ve put together a valuable list for you of who represents the other iconic labels. You’re welcome:
~ The Face of Puma – Jay Z
~ The Face of Adidas – Kylie Jenner
~ The Face of Reebok – Kendrick Lamar
~ The Face of Under Armour – Steph Curry

All strong supporters of Colin Kaepernick and his cause. (so y’all can all walk around barefoot from now on, lol)

This is just the beginning of the conversation.

Now I suppose you want a sneak peek of the awesome Nike ad narrated by and starring Kaepernick which premieres tomorrow night on Thursday Night Football? Here you go!

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