Twitter Permanently Bans Alt-Right Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones And Infowars

How’s this for some super excellent delicious news!?

Alex Jones has been permanently banned from Twitter! Yep, but that’s not all… Infowars was also forever-banned. This is a big deal as @RealAlexJones had 830,000 followers while @infowars had another 418,000.


The Face Of The Socially Impotent

Twitter was the last outlet to hold out too. Late last month, the Twitter Gods gave Alex Jones a one-week “timeout” and he frickin’ lost his mind. Which makes today all the yummier.

Given it was a month ago when Facebook, YouTube and Apple killed his more than 2.4 million subscribers, Trump’s favorite false flag flying freak is feeling today’s pain deep in the feels.

But hate speech, especially when you threaten violence, should not be available to you if you don’t own the platform that you’re making those threats on.

Oh, and if you are wondering if the vile peddler of pizzagate has also been pushed off Periscope? That would be a yes, as Twitter owns the app that lets you share live video streams direct from your smartphone.

So what does this Californian castration of our conspiracy theorist look like up close and personal now that this Silicon Valley-led censorship campaign has completely cut off Alex Jones’ nut sack and other gangrene appendages that all drove traffic to his website?

Well, apparently what used to have approximately 10 million monthly visits, a site which made Alex Jones’ reach more extensive than most mainstream news — one could say he’s now only pushing in his tighty-whities, nothing more than 2-inches.

Much to his chagrin, the world may soon no longer be boning for Jones.

Alex Jones is now the very definition of socially impotent.

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