WATCH: Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder UNLEASHES HELL On NRA, GOP, And Trump Over Parkland Shooting

Check out Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder’s most deliciously savage video to date as he takes Donald Trump, the GOP, and the NRA to the woodshed.


We need more people like the Liberal Redneck making noise and making us laugh. Living under the Trump regime (especially in the south) can feel like a never-ending nightmare. We are all surrounded by Trump zombies who want nothing more than to infect you with their madness.

Fortunately, we have a slow working cure for this disease; it’s called the truth.

Because no matter how much they lie and spin, the truth will always come to the surface. It’s evolution, and eventually, Trump and his kin will be nothing more than a minor cautionary tale in the context of human history.

Featured image via YouTube

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