WATCH: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Dumbfounds NRA-Owned FL Lawmaker With Logic During Brutal Interview

MSNBC’s Joy Reid recently had a chaotic discussion about gun control with paid NRA stooge Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), in which the host proceeded to frustrate the lawmaker with a logical question that he could not answer.

During the segment, Gaetz pushed adding more “multipliers of force” on school campuses who could engage an active shooter as a solution to school shootings.

Gaetz went on to brag about his strong support from the NRA, at one point telling the host that his pro-NRA state sports over a million members. However, Reid was quick to call bullshit, stating that the NRA only has 300,000 due paying zombies in his state.

“How many people live in Florida ?” Reid asked.

“20 million,” the Florida lawmaker replied.

“So 300,000 people in Florida are ruling over and making laws for 20 million people,” Reid shot back.

However, like most fact-immune Republicans, Gaetz just changed the subject rather than admit his error.

“It’s not just the membership of the NRA,” Gaetz deflected. “There’s countless people beyond dues-paying members of the NRA who support the NRA.”

The discussion soon turned to Arming teachers. Gaetz suggested stationing a few well-armed former U.S. soldiers, like those who toured in Fallujah, in schools. At this point, Reid could no longer hold back.

You want to turn our schools into Fallujah?” she asked, which set off an another round of talking over each other.

She then went for the kill by deflating the politician’s false bravado with a simple question.

“Have you ever taken live fire?” Reid pressed.

“No, I’ve not taken live fire,” Gaetz replied after first saying he had.

“You’ve never been in a situation where somebody is shooting at you,” Reid lectured, “but you’re interpreting in your expertise, as somebody who has never been in law enforcement and never had anyone shoot at you, that a teacher should be equipped to fire back at a mass shooter who is prepared to die, who has acquired a weapon that is just below an M-16, you’ve never experienced that live fire.”

Unfortunately, far too many of these right-wing chicken hawks are trying to write insane policies that put our children in more danger.

However, in November, the citizens of Florida and voters around the nation will have an opportunity to fix that problem and usher in a historic blue wave to wash away the NRA parasites holding office.

Featured image via YouTube.

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