WH Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah BUSTED Calling Trump ‘Deplorable’

It looks like White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah may have some splaining to do after messages surfaced from the 2016 presidential campaign revealing how much Shah dispised his current “deplorable” boss.

According to messages acquired by New York Magzine. Shah, who at the time was an employee of the Republican National Committee, had ties to a political action committee which employed numerous future Jeb Bush staffers. According to the report, it was Shah who told a colleague about the existence of a CNN video featuring Trump praising then-president-elect Barack Obama back in December 2008.

Just three days after he sent the clip and seven years to the day of Trump’s comment, the video appeared in a Jeb Bush campaign ad titled “Happy Anniversary, Donald!” Incidentally, Andrew Hemming, the friend to which Shaw initially sent the video, also landed a cushy job in Trump’s White House after the election.

Shaw also made some harsh comments regarding the bombshell release of the infamous “Access Hollywood Tape.” in which he admitted that Trump’s embarrassment made him happy.

“I’m kinda enjoying this, some justice. I honestly don’t think it’s the worst thing he’s done but he somehow got passes for the other acts,” he wrote. “Trump is a deplorable.

Here’s a clip of this hypocritical parasite defending the Trump administration’s racist propaganda against immigrants.

Hearing about this jackass getting fired would be some delicious karmic justice.

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