WATCH: CNN’s Camerota Mops Floor With GOP’s Nazi Congressional Candidate In BONKERS Interview

Recently, CNN’s Alison Camerota interviewed Arthur Jones, an anti-semite, white supremacist, and proud holocaust denier, who so far is running unopposed in the Republican Illinois primary for a congressional seat outside of Chicago.

Camerota began the interview by showing clips of Jones spewing his vile hatred at a white supremacist rally, before directly challenging the hate monger.

“It is shocking to hear how vocally and unapologetically racist you are,” Camerota opened the interview. “Are you a Nazi?”

Jones casually replied that he didn’t consider himself a “Nazi,” because he hadn’t been a part of an official “nationalist” organization for many years now. He instead labeled himself as an “American patriot and statesman.”

Barely repressing the urge to throw up in her mouth, Camerota pressed Jones about his propensity for dressing up in Nazi clothing and celebrating Adolf Hitlers fucking birthday.

“You’re a Nazi,” she charged.

However, things really heated up when Camerota described Jones’ website as being a puss-filled pimple on the ass of humanity “filled with the most vile, rancid rhetoric I think I’ve ever read.”

That’s when Jones lost it and started attacking the imaginary Jew overlords of the universe.

“It’s not vile and rancid it’s the truth!” Jones shot back. “You jews media, you’ve gone absolutely nuts!”

Camerota for her part tried to keep calm and prevent the interview from going entirely off the rails before the Nazi porn masturbater completely lost his shit while angrily shaking his fist at her.

“The Democrats and Republicans, it’s the cursed two party, Jew party system can’t stand it!”

“You deny the Holocaust,” Camerota noted.

“Yes I deny the Holocaust, it’s an extortion racket!”

“You can have your own conspiracy theories, but you can’t have your own facts,” Camerota replied.

“Not conspiracy theories, facts! The Jews basically control the country, the Congress, the economy the media,” Jones replied.

Camerota once again tried using logic by listing real facts about the Holocaust, however, like a baby refusing to eat his cream peas, Jones figuratively turned his head away screaming “Poppycock!”

The host continued to do battle with the grumpy Third-Reich grampa before pulling the plug.

“Arthur Jones, we’ve heard your opinion and we’ll see what happens,” Camerota concluded. “Chances are, you’ll go down in flames.”

The silence from the GOP concerning this worm’s candidacy in one of their political primaries says it all. Donald Trump’s influence is spreading like cancer within the Republican party, and now all of their demons are making their way to the surface to run for office under their banner.

Jone’s is right. He’s not a Nazi. He’s the loud and proud new face of the Republican party.

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