Think Trump’s Scandals Are Bad? Check Out This UNBELIEVABLE Obama Scandal That Rocked The Nation

To this day, people still ask me where I was when the worst scandal of President Barrack Obama’s administration devasted the nation.

August 28, 2014, I was working in an office one morning when suddenly the entire department grew silent. I looked around, and everyone was looking at a disturbing video on their phones. It was a video of President Obama addressing the nation.

The president was speaking about the U.S. economy as well as America’s position on the situations in Iraq and Ukraine. However, that day, most people weren’t paying attention to the content of Obama’s message but rather the color of his suit.

For he was wearing a tan suit, and soon everybody in America lost their fucking minds!

For weeks, there were riots in major cities. Parents and teachers had to have difficult talks with their kids. And Texas wanted to secede (okay, to be fair, they want to do that just about every month). It took time, but eventually, America was able to heal. However, the scar of that tragic day still feels fresh in the minds of many Americans.

Thus this dark chapter in American history became known as the infamous Tan Suitgate.

Never forget America. Never forget.

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