Paul Ryan Gets DESTROYED On Twitter After Hyping Secretary’s $1.50 Weekly Raise From Tax Cuts

It looks like DTITD (Donald Trump Idiotic Tweeting Disease) is sweeping throughout the Republican party. On Saturday, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) tweeted about a Pennsylvania high-school secretary who received a whopping $1.50 raise on her weekly salary thanks to the GOP’s tax cuts. This tweet is just one of many “stories” Republicans are sharing to hype up Trump’s only legislative accomplishment during his first year in office.

And while we would love to give you a link to Ryan’s actual tweet, it seems that it was “accidentally” deleted from the congressman’s account for some reason. But worry not Mr. Ryan, we managed to find a screengrab.

paul ryan
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Wow, that almost brought a tear to my eye. She can now pay for her Cosco membership thanks to the GOP’s multi-trillion dollar tax cut. Amazing!

The Republican party has always been behind the times, and Ryan’s tweet was no exception. Unfortunately for Ryan, his inspirational story didn’t quite have the same effect on the public that it would have had in 1918.

Within minutes, scores of vicious, cynical bastards on Twitter jumped on Ryan’s tweet faster than Trump on an adult film actress.

And finally for the win.

Oh and there’s this little tidbit about regarding Ryan’s modest windfall from the Koch brothers.

Yeah, let’s all be sure to properly “thank” Republicans for their generosity in November by sending them home to spend more invaluable time with their families.

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