‘Christian’ Shock Jock: Male Florida Students Were Too ‘Effeminate’ To Stop School Shooter

Following the tragic Florida school shooting that took the lives of 17 innocent people, Republicans have been quick (as usual) to offer little more than “thoughts and prayers” to the victims. However, one right-wing evangelical “Christian” radio show host had some somewhat disturbing thoughts to offer about the incident.

“Christian activist, conspiracy theorist, and broadcaster David Daubenmire recently questioned on his show, Pass the Salt Livewhy any of the male students didn’t try to tackle the gunman.

Daubenmire then remarked that since people are not following God’s example for how to behave like “a man,” that men have become “effeminate guys” unable to protect themselves and others.

He also remarked on what could have driven the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz, to commit such evil acts, noting that “he didn’t have any idea what it meant to be a man.”

“This guy walks down the hallway and he starts shooting people … Can somebody tell me why some boy didn’t go tackle him? When his back was turned … why didn’t some wrestler, or some football player, couple football players run and tackle him?”

Later, Daubenmire seemed to suggest Cruz wasn’t up to the task and should have killed more people.

“This guy goes in there with an AR-15 and only 17 people are killed?” he said. “You have any idea how fast you can pull that trigger? Only 17? I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole.”

This piece of shit deserves to be flushed down a toilet hole right after some of these “effeminate boys” get five minutes alone with this chewed up-looking punk ass “tough guy” who would have been more likely to use a teenage girl as a human shield to save his sorry ass than to try any of the Rambo bullshit he’s spouting.

This motherfucker has less value on earth than the shit you wipe off your shoe, but thankfully it’s guys like him who are driving young people away from their toxic dogma and towards more rational ways of seeing the world.

I’d say “fuck this guy,” but he probably secretly wants that.

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