Brain Dead Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Blames Obama For Rob Porter Domestic Violence Scandal

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro has always been one of Donald Trump’s most loyal Fox News Propaganda Pez Dispensers, spewing out lies, deflections, misinformation, and slander in Trump’s name week after week.

On Thursday, in the wake of the latest Trump scandal involving his now-former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter, who allegedly physically abused both of his ex-wives;  White House chief of staff John Kelly was quick to initially defend Porter, describing him as a “man of true integrity and honor.”

However, after more information started to surface, including a photo of one of his wives sporting a black eye Porter allegedly gave her during their vacation, Kelly changed his tune, expressing his “shock” and surprise at the allegations. The former 4-star general is said to have asked for Porter’s resignation not long after.

Before joining Trump’s administration on January 20, 2017, Porter had previously worked for GOP senators. Porter’s assignment is was reportedly considered “the most important behind-the-scenes job in the administration.”

But Pirro says, that neither Kelly or any of his team is to blame for the Porter scandal. No, you see she believes the blame lies with Trump’s predecessor, President Barrack Obama.

“You want to stop a four-star general who is running the White House, who believes in chain of command, who makes a decision within forty minutes, because you hate President Trump? Find another scapegoat. You might want to look at the last president,” she said.

It’s funny how she opens with a book analogy; I’m sure Trump’s eyes probably started to glaze over at that point.

Pirro later interviewed Sebastian Gorka, one of Fox News’ national security analysts, and Trump’s former deputy assistance, who charged that federal officials purposely slowed down security reviews to embarrass Trump.

“If they want to gum up the works and make the Trump administration’s job harder and harder, they play bureaucratic, slow rolls.”

“It might be a deliberate minefield put in place where they know somebody like this has skeletons in their closet and they slow roll everything to make things like this explode a few months later,” Gorka told Pirro

Of course! It’s that darned old “deep state” that’s responsible for this mess. There’s no way that Trump’s finely tuned administration could be so incompetent as to hire a person who allegedly physically abused his wife. Well, except for maybe former White House Senior Advisor Steve Bannon, and more recently White House speechwriter David Sorensen.

But other than those two other people, I’m sure everyone else working for Trump are absolute saints and have never laid so much as a threatening finger on a woman, just like their boss.

You know,  Obama has become a Republican “blame charm” that they like to rub anytime they need to come up with an excuse for something a Republican screwed up. They must get on their knees and rock back and forth chanting “It’s Obama’s fault, It’s Obama’s fault..” for hours on end.

But yeah, I’m sure this will be the last we hear of a Trump administration official resigning their post in disgrace. Now if you’ll pardon me, this bottle of glue won’t sniff itself.

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