Conservative Bill Kristol Straight Up CLOWNS Fox News Trump Towel Boy Brian Kilmeade On Twitter

Recently, veteran conservative political commentator Bill Kristol recently had to teach Donald Trump’s favorite Fox News jock strap, Brian Kilmeade, a brutal lesson about biting off more than he can chew.

The Twitter feud started when the Weekly Standard editor and long-time #nevertrump conservative blasted attendees at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for booing “citizenship naturalization ceremonies.”

“I’d take in a heartbeat a group of newly naturalized American citizens over the spoiled native-born know-nothings of CPAC, who today booed at the mention of citizenship naturalization ceremonies,” tweeted Kristol to the applause-by-like of over 53,000 Twitter users.

Kilmeade (seeing an opportunity to get a belly rub from Trump a.k.a “daddy,” then quote-tweeted Kristol’s post adding: “Do u spend every night plotting how to get on Morning Joe.”

An amused Kristol, finding puppy Kilmeade’s attempt at barking adorable, replied with the Twitter equivalent of a hard rolled-up newspaper.

“Ha. I actually enjoyed occasionally being on Fox and Friends with you in the olden day, back when you didn’t have to pretend to believe all the nonsense you pretend to believe now.”

Political pundits like Kristol are genuinely endangered species, intellectually honest conservatives. Unlike most of his colleagues, Kristol refused since day one to buy into Trump’s “nonsense,” and called the orange clown out for what he really is, a con man playing a Republican.

Check out Kristol laying out why he thinks Trump should not be president.

While Kilmeade (who recently published a book glorifying Slavery lovin’, Native American genocidist President Andrew Jackson) and his fellow Trump sycophants continue to pander to the alt-right, real conservatives like Kristol are still fighting the good fight.

Who knows, after his party implodes, maybe Kristol and others can rebuild the Republican party. Then, again somethings are just better off dead.


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