‘You’re Really Big’: How Kellyanne Conway Flatters Trump’s Flaccid Ego

After the media reported that Pres. Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd was a LOT smaller than Pres. Obama’s crowd, Trump went NUTZ. So much so that White House bubblehead Kellyanne Conway reportedly attempted to convince Pres. Donald Trump not to lie about his inauguration crowd size by telling him “you’re really big.”

From NY Daily News:

Conway, who oversaw the final months of Trump’s campaign, tried a go-to strategy to cool the President’s hot temper.

“She invoked a line that she often employed when Trump was exercised over some slight,” Kurtz wrote. “‘You’re really big,’ she said. ‘That’s really small.’”

WTF is this silly bitch talking about. I mean, really….WTF.

These new shocking reports are coming from a new book. Not the Fire and Fury book, but another one that will be coming out on January 29th.

From Liberal America:

Kurtz’s book—Media Madness: Donald Trump, the Press, and the War over the Truth—is less critical than Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Michael Wolff’s blockbuster best seller that exposed all the ugly in the Trump White House, but a common theme resonates in both books: total freakin’ chaos, backstabbing, and mayhem. 

The Washington Post obtained an advance copy of the book and reports that Kurtz describes Kellyanne “as one of the few calming presences on Trump.”

The gist of Conway’s really eyebrow-raising comments is that when Trump had the idea to send then-Press Secretary Sean Spicer out to L I E she tried to tell Trump he’s “bigger than that.” Choose your words more carefully, you silly twat.

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