WATCH: Kristen Bell Savagely TROLLS Melania Trump’s Fake ‘Cyber-bullying’ Campaign During SAG

Bell, who served as the award ceremony’s first-ever host, called herself the “first lady” and announced her first initiative.
“I think my first initiative as first lady will be cyberbullying, because I have yet to see any progress on that problem quite yet,” said Bell.
Then she joked about how actor Tony Hale was “vicious on Twitter.”
After that she took a dig the anti-abortion crowd, suggesting that Hulu’s popular show titled “The Handmaid’s Tale – a show about a dystopian, anti-female society that many progressives have compared to Trump’s administration – should be classified as a “documentary.”
“Elisabeth Moss is here from the documentary, The Handmaid’s Tale — that’s a sad one. Hi, Elisabeth. Just doing a quick check in on your serotonin levels. Not the platform? We can talk after the show,” said Bell to the show’s star Elisabeth Moss.
She finished up with a joke referring to 2018 as “hell.”
“I love the show where you’re in hell. What’s it called?” Asked Rudolph — to which Bell replied, “2018.”

Look for our “Snowflake-in Chief” Donald Trump to get his panties in a twist over this satire on Twitter in the not too distant future.

Maybe Melania will spank her husband’s pimply, orange, pasty ass with a copy of Forbes Magazine to make him feel better?

And you’re quite welcome for the visual.

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