WATCH: Enraged Redneck Catfish Cooley SLAUGHTERS White Supremacy In ‘I Hate Hate Groups’

Check out this video by Catfish Cooley, a highly enlightened redneck who stomps a mudhole in White Supremacy and walks it dry with his epic rant titled “I hate hate groups.”

That was pure fucking magic! We need more southerners like him taking to these idiotic, Donald Trump piss-drinking, sycophantic, walking pro-abortion advertisements. Just imagine 1,000 or 20,000 of these guys trolling alt-right sites and sharing videos like this? While it’s likely he doesn’t consider himself a liberal, and we’d probably disagree on a lot of issues, it’s safe to say that this is the type of person that any level-headed progressive could find some common ground with.

Far too often we see negative representations of Catfish Cooley’s culture; it’s refreshing that people like him and Trey Crowder are around to remind us that there are some sane “good ole boys” out there. Let’s just hope more follow in their examples and make their voices heard!

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