Trump Marriage Crisis: Melania Reportedly Staying At Hotels Since Stormy Daniels Story Broke

There’s new trouble in the Trump marriage.

via The Daily Mail:

  • Melania Trump has been spending time away from Trump and the White House since news of his alleged tryst with porn star Stormy Daniels broke
  • The first lady left Washington D.C. for West Palm Beach Thursday afternoon in an unannounced trip, just as her husband was holding court with top European CEOs in Davos
  • Melania had been scheduled to attend the summit with her husband
  • ‘It’s been upsetting and humiliating; her relationship with President Trump has become strained,’ a White House source told
  • She did not say specifically what, if anything, in the was ‘false’
  • Grisham did not respond to several requests for comment from regarding Melania’s hotel stays, although given several days notice

As a reminder, Stormy Daniels says she can provide details of what Trump’s goober looks like (ew). Also, she is willing to share the sexy positions they enjoyed together. No thanks, Stormy!

Two hours after The Daily Mail broke their story, Melania’s spokesperson tweeted this.

Why is she using the word “breaking”? Ohhhhkay.

But previously, Ms. Grisham said Melania would be joining her disgusting hubby in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. Now, however, she’s saying that Melania didn’t go because of “scheduling and logistical issues.”

BUT…sources told The Daily Mail that a White House memo stated that Melania wouldn’t be making any solo appearances while Trump is away.

So…what’s the truth? Who knows.

These people lie so much. We don’t blame Melania for moving out. Hell, we’d have moved out YEARS ago.

Get a life, Melania. Really. We want you to get a life. A good one away from that idiot you married.

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