Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Endorses Christian Death Cult Who Preach Schools Make Kids Gay

Advisors for Paul Mango, a Republican candidate for the governorship of Pennsylvania, must have decided that instead of focusing on independents, minorities, and women, their guy really needs to lock in the hidden insane Christian death cult vote.

And as the Pittsburg Tribune-Review reported, Mango did just that by appearing in a video interview conducted by Hyung Jin Moon, one of the leaders of the World Peace and Unification “Sanctuary” located in Eastern PA.

As it turns out, Moon is a rare second-generation cult leader. The 32-year-old “Moonie Messiah” is the youngest son and successor of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. For the past 60 years, Reverend Moon has been at the helm of the Unification Church, a cult which sprouted out of a single congregation in South Korea and quickly became a worldwide movement best known for it’s numerous “brainwashing allegations by former members.

The candidate nodded and smiled as Moon delivered his Alex Jones-style homophobic rant:

“They’re getting indoctrinated into the homosexual political agenda, they’re getting indoctrinated in the transgender agenda,” Moon said in response to Mango’s discussion of his pro-charter school voucher education stance. “Saying that their emotion — that they can choose how they feel, based on how they feel, their gender, which is totally against the Bible, it’s totally against biology.”

Following the interview, after the local Democratic party roasted Mango’s part in the “homophobic and extremist interview,” with Christian death cult leader, the candidate’s spokesperson clarified Mango’s position. He said that his candidate didn’t necessarily agree with Moon’s “indoctrination” remarks, but he does feel that “our culture has eroded and has become more and more intolerant of traditional family values.”

Values that Mango must feel a second-generation gun nut Christian death cult leader embodies. Seriously, folks, we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.

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