‘Get Rid Of This Guy’: Ex-Mexican Pres. Vicente Fox Visits Comedy Central To Drop More F-Bombs On Trump

On Tuesday’s edition of Comedy Central’s “The Opposition,” host Jordan Klepper had on the world’s greatest Donald Trump troll, former Mexican President Vicente Fox.

Klepper’s show is a spin-off of Stephen Colbert’s former Comedy Central show titled “The Colbert Report.” Like Colbert, Klepper uses his format to poke fun at conservative media, particularly nutjob conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and company.

On this edition, Klepper focused on news concerning Trump’s border wall. He joked about how Trump scrapped more than 30 environmental regulations to speed production on the wall.

“Great! So we get a wall and get rid of thirty environmental regulations. That kills two birds with one stone. Oh actually…” He said looking at a paper on his desk. “It looks like it kills closer to thirteen species of birds, three types of lizards, and one extremely ugly turtle.”

Klepper than cued his next guest as a man who ” “thinks that just because he was president of Mexico he has a better idea of what we can expect from the Mexican government,” Klepper explained.

He then played a clip of Fox stating on CNN that his country will “never pay for that fucking wall.” Klepper exclaimed that he couldn’t believe his ears and demanded they play the clip again. But instead, Fox walked out on set and repeated the comment live.

“I said I’m not paying for that fucking wall!” Fox exclaimed waving his finger.

During his satire interview, Klepper joked about how many Mexicans were “rapist, drug dealers, and some, I assume are good people,” playing off of Trump’s infamous 2016 candidacy announcement speech.

“Now, I want to know if that’s true,” Klepper wondered. “Are some good people?”

Fox cooly explained how his people are hard-working and honorable people who deserve respect just like anyone else.

“The message is if you’re president, behave like a president,” Fox said. “If you are leader of the world, behave like the leader of the world. This is nonsense what we have here today. It’s a total mess.”

Fox then addressed Trump’s comments about DACA and the DREAMers.

“Just look at that shutdown of government,” Fox said. “Look at his — his comments around DACA. I mean, a million kids that have university degrees, that have been living in this nation, that are very powerful force. I wish I [could] take them down to Mexico, the one million of them, but I respect that they want to live in this nation because they have been here for a long, long time. But that shows what kind of a guy we have there — I’m talking about Trump, yes.”

The show took a lighter tone when Klepper brought out some “authentic Mexican cuisine” straight from the Trump Grill (a play on Trump’s uber-awkward Cinco-de-Mayo tweet of him eating a “taco bowl” from his restaurant).

Fox did what any classy world leader would do when presented with Trump’s shitty food; he politely asked if he could smash his plate on the floor before promptly dropping the dish on the floor.

As Trump continues to try and bully and cheat his wall into existence, Fox will be right there to remind everyone that Mexico is “not paying for that fucking wall!”

Featured image via YouTube.

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