‘If Black Shoot Them’: Ex-Police Supervisor Instructed Recruit To Execute Teens For Smoking Weed

Another cop was recently busted on social media making racist and threatening statements against black people. However this time it wasn’t a regular beat cop, but rather a very high ranking official.

Louisville’s WDRB reported Friday that Tod Shaw, the now ex-assistant police chief of Prospect, Kentucky ( a small suburb of Louisville) once instructed a police recruit to shoot black teens if he caught them smoking marijuana.

During an online conversation, in which the recruit Shaw advise him concerning the “right thing to do” if he came upon three teens smoking marijuana. The question was a part of an assignment given to the recruit by the academy. Shaw advised the recruit to forget about right and wrong.

“F— the right thing,” Shaw wrote, according to newly-unsealed court records. “If black shoot them.”

When the recruit asked follow-up questions about the theoretical parents of the teens, Shaw replied with even more shockingly violent advice.

“Call their (pa)rents,” he wrote. “If mom is hot then f— her … if dad is hot then handcuff him and make him suck my d—.”

“Unless daddy is black,” Shaw continued. “Then shoot him.”

Shaw eventually resigned from his position late last year while being investigated concerning his conduct. However, the former assistant chief tried and failed to keep the social media messages (which are part of the public record under Kentucky law) out of the hands of the media. Fortunately, Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman ruled that the messages could be released to the public, primarily telling the unemployed power tripping bigot to go fuck himself.

Conservatives and L.E.O. (Law Enforcement Officer) bootlickers are going claim that Shaw was just a “bad egg” and that his attitude isn’t shared by most within the law enforcement community.

However, since Richard Nixon’s so-called “War on Drugs” began in 1971, as a way for Nixon to go after his political rivals (namely anti-war hippies and black people) law enforcement has focused almost exclusively on poor communities of color as targets for their heavy-handed crackdowns.

Meanwhile, white college campuses and Wall Street remain to this day mostly untouched, despite evidence of rampant drug use and distribution in those venues.

As Dave Chapelle explains in this video, having white friends with you can be very useful in when dealing with cops.


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