Tucker Carlson Argues Immigration Hurt Blacks More Than Any ‘Policy In American History’ (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson hosted his nightly neocon circle jerk with Trump supporter Mark Krikorian as his guest. During the segment, Carlson tried to demonize immigrants by suggesting immigration hurt Africans more than any other policy in U.S. History.

Carlson then posed this disingenuous rhetorical question to his guest:

“Has any policy in American history hurt African-Americans more than our immigration policy?” Carlson asked Krikorian, who promptly replied, “no.”

Where to begin?

Slavery? Nah too easy.

Redlining? The 14th Amendments’ establishment of the prison industrial complex? The “War on Drugs?” Jim Crow? It’s almost like being a six-year-old who’s unexpectedly driven to a toy store and told to pick out one toy.

Carlson’s question is just simply too absurd to dignify with an answer. It’s clear that he’s playing up to his Trump-lovin’ base, who are all selectively ignorant about U.S. History in general and African American history in particular.

Of course, Tucker’s also trying to drive a wedge between African Americans and immigrants by suggesting that they are taking jobs away from African Americans looking for work. This is such a clumsy, half-hearted, lazy argument that it barely warrants anger.

What’s more upsetting is that people like Carlson don’t care if 99.99 percent of African Americans don’t buy this bullshit argument. That’s because people like him are disingenuous “concern trolls,” who feign concern while using an embarrassingly obvious condescending tone. See any fox news host’s rant about “black on black violence” as an example.

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