It’s Mueller Time: First Charges Filed In Trump-Russia Probe

After months of waiting, CNN reported last night that special investigator Robert Mueller finally filed the very first charges in the Trump-Russia investigation.

Though a judge ordered the indictments sealed, we do know that Mueller and his team already planned to arrest whomever the indictments affect by Monday.

Brought on as special counsel to investigate anything related to Russia meddling in the election, including offshoot investigations branching off from any potential wrongdoing by President Donald Trump, his campaign team, and potential collusion between them and Russian officials, Mueller has leeway to charge anyone – including the Great Orange One.

Mueller’s investigation could include anything from financial crimes and obstruction of justice to foreign meddling and campaign collusion.

It’s rare that indictments are sealed and, according to an expert on The Rachael Maddow Show, former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade, this generally only happens when the possibility exists that the suspect (or suspects) in question might flee.

In this case, Mueller and his team have to worry about registered foreign agents who have the resources and will to disappear.

Watch this Rachael Maddow segment for more:

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