Ex-Reagan Advisor SLAUGHTERS “Those Three Idiots” On Fox And Friends For Cheerleading Trump’s Lunacy

Bruce Bartlett, Fmr. Domestic Policy Advisor to President Ronald Reagan, didn’t pull any punches when he outed “those three idots” on Fox and friends for serving as Donald Trump’s media propaganda puppets while masquerading as real news.

During an appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Bartlett explained to host Brian Stelter how Fox News in general, and Fox and Friends in particular, are responsible for poising millions of American minds every day.

The former adviser railed against the news channel’s dishonest spin and outright lies in defense of the most indefensible president in U.S. history.

During a discussion of how Trump uses what guest Carl Bernstein and Stelter described as the “Fox Effect,” Bartlett had no qualms about naming names and taking direct aim at three particular Fox News “personalities.”

“One more example of this ‘Fox Effect,’ if I can call it that. Let me show you a brand new NBC/Washington Journal poll out this morning showing President Trump with a 38 percent approval rating, his lowest standing yet,” Stelter said. “But I’m more interested in this other poll showing Trump at 38 percent — a Fox News poll. But if you blinked, you missed it. They only showed this graphic once on air all week long. They spent a lot of money conducting this poll and CNN covered Fox’s poll four times as much as as Fox did. Bruce, your reaction?”

“I think sometimes we get the cause and effect relationship backwards,” Bartlett responded. “We think, oh, we see this Hillary non-story about uranium. We think the White House leaked it and encouraged Fox to run with it. I think it’s the other way around.”

“The people at Fox are thinking ‘what can we do to help Trump today? Well, let’s gin up the Hillary story again,” he continued. “You yourself have reported on many occasions that those three idiots on Fox & Friends seem to be –.”

“Hey, why the name call? Why the name calling?” Stelter interrupted.

“Well, because i think we have to call a spade a spade,” Bartlett shot back. “I think one of the problems in the media is that they’re afraid to say Trump is lying. They’re afraid to say that the people at Fox are just propaganda. I’m trying to use plain language to say what I think is the truth.”

Hopefully, Bartlett’s attack will be the first of many by conservatives sick and tired of Fox News’ propaganda terrorists spreading lies and twisting the truth to serve Trump’s nonsensical “agenda.”

We need more people in the mainstream media to stop pretending that Fox News propagandists are real journalists and as Bartlett put it, call a “spade a spade.”

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