WATCH A Little Girl Call A Jerk From InfoWars ‘A F*cking Idiot’ And Flip Him Off – Priceless!

Sometimes karma gives us pure gold, and it seems only fair that the entire world see how beautiful it can be when the universe bestows such treasures for all of us to enjoy.

A so-called “reporter” from the Alex Jones site InfoWars was out talking to people when he decided to approach a little girl and ask her how she was doing. But in order to be a total asshole, the jerk with the microphone phrased his question this way:

“How are you, young man?”

The child, who was quite clearly a girl, replied:

“Um, you’re a fucking idiot.”

Trying to recover from being so fully dissed by a child, the InfoWars shill then asked:

“Wow, who taught you that language?”

The girl, clearly not giving a damn, responded:

“My mother.”

InfoWars idiot tried once again to shame the girl:

“So your mother taught you that foul language?”

In one last flourish of bravado, the girl told the InfoWars moron:

“In the car.”

Then, in a moment that made the girl a viral sensation on social media, she raised her middle finger to the camera, letting Alex Jones and his brainless viewers exactly what she thought of them:

Sweet karma, we do love you.

Watch this awesome young girl shoot down InfoWars:

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