The Gifts Given To Trump When He Visited Saudi Arabia Are Soooo Very Donald

Not long after he took office, President Trump made sure that his first visit to a foreign country as head of state was Saudi Arabia. Considering the incredibly antagonistic things Trump had said about Islam during the 2016 campaign, it seemed an odd choice.

But now we have better insight into why Donnie wanted to go to Saudi Arabia: Because they have lots of rich, misogynistic men who love to give gifts when you come see them and kiss their fat asses.

Remember that gold chain and medal the Saudis gave to Trump? He even bowed to receive it even though he’d criticized President Obama for doing the same thing a few years earlier.

Now we know what else Donnie’s oil-rich hosts gave him, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request submitted to the State Department by The Daily Beast. As soon as you see this list, you’ll understand why Trump was so wowed by the Saudis. Among the 83 gifts given to the obsequious American president, there was no shortage of bling:

  • Robes lined with the fur of cheetahs and white tigers.
  • Shirts and jackets with gold and silver embroidery.
  • A gold desk clock.
  • Four boxes of gold-plated coins.
  • A silver oil well sculpture.
  • Artwork, including a painting of Trump’s all-time favorite subject: Himself.
  • A dagger made of pure silver.
  • Numerous swords.
  • A leather ammo belt and holster.

Keep in mind that while Trump was in Saudi Arabia, he made sure and showered them with plenty of largesse, too: A $100 billion arms deal and God knows what else we’ve yet to learn about.

So, if you’re a foreign government that currently has so-so relations with the United States, be sure and invite the greedy, childish American president to your country and give him lots of things made of precious metals.

In no time, you’ll probably have Most Favored Nation trading status and the eternal gratitude of a 71-year-old man who still thinks like a 12-year-old and likes gold more than King Midas himself.

Featured Image Via NBC News

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