Ted Cruz Liked AdultSite On Twitter, Deleted it — But NOT Before We Screengrabbed it

Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz has some splainin’ to do after he was caught with his pants down (figuratively probably literally) on Twitter after he liked an adult website page, featuring a two-minute video.

Cruz was just one of more than 400 horny bastards who liked a porn video from @SexuallPosts.

Hole-some footage of three actors, two women, and one man, momentarily appeared on Cruz’s liked tweets feed out of the blue early Tuesday morning. It’s unclear whether or not the senator personally liked the tweet or if it was one of his randy staffers.

One thing Cruz doesn’t have to worry about are repercussions from Twitter, who unlike Facebook, couldn’t give two flying fucks about any fucks going down on their site. While Twitter officially prohibits the promotion of sexual material such as live videos, profile images, and headers, they don’t police what their users like and dislike.

Here’s a screengrab of the post, just before Cruz deleted the post which was only up for two-minutes (probably the amount of time it took him to finish and clean up).

ted cruz
Ted Cruz tweet via Twitter

Cruz’s spokeswoman Catherine Frazier was quick to address the senator’s late night “activities” stating: “the offensive tweet posted on @tedcruz account earlier has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter.”

However, Frazier implied that the tweet was posted to Cruz’s account, when in fact it was liked from his account.

It’s going to be interesting watching, reading, and listening to all the right-wing hypocrites, like Fox News, defend Cruz’s actions. Expect to hear everything from conspiracy theories to moral shrugging. Republicans were so quick to demonize all Democrats over the Anthony Weiner’s sexual indiscretions, but now Cruz joins a long list of Republicans caught in morally compromising situations.

We’ve seen Republicans arrested for buying sex from underage male prostitutes. A Republican governor forced to resign after awkwardly cringe-worthy sexual phone conversations with his mistress were made public. And lets the conservatives caught using the gay sex-finder app “Grindr”

And we all see how obsessed Republicans are with sex on a policy level, as they spend millions of dollars each year policing what genital parts are going into what public restrooms, and what women are doing with their bodies.

Now another Republican hypocrite joins their ever growing wall of shame, hope the Senator enjoyed his “happy ending.”

Here’s what Cruz was probably thinking about while watching the video.

Happy fwaping folks!

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Source Credit: Nydailynews

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