After Ted Cruz Gets BUSTED On Twitter, College Roommate Recalls How Cruz Used To BEAT IT All Day

After Twitter had a field day with Texas Senator Ted Cruz for his “like” of a porn movie on social media, new information surfaced which makes it all the more likely that Ted is indeed the one who hit that “like” button.

Cruz, it should be noted, is now trying desperately to pass the buck, saying the guilty party who accessed his official Twitter account and gave a thumbs up to the video of a man engaged in sex with two women was a staffer, calling the entire matter “a staffing issue,” clearly not realizing the double entendre he had just set loose amidst all the jokes already circulating on the internet.

Teddy Boy’s former roommate at Princeton, Craig Mazin, told us back in 2016 that Cruz was a compulsive masturbator:

And now Mazin is weighing in again with the firestorm that has been set alight with the Monday “like” on the Cruz Twitter account:

But Mazin also said that this sordid detail of a young Ted Cruz and news that he’s still searching for thrills via porn kinda humanizes the man with the smile of a serial killer:

Also, we have a much better understanding of what Senator Cruz truly meant when he posted this tweet back in July:

Shit, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I was afriad that might happen.

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