RACIST White Off-Duty Detective Being Arrested For DUI Calls Black Arresting Officers N***ers

In Hartford, Connecticut, a virulent racist white police detective is under accused of driving under the influence was caught on camera calling the arresting officers n***ers as they took him into custody.

11-year Hartford PD veteran Det. Robert Lanza was stopped last month in Plainville, Connecticut following reports of a vehicle driving erratically.

According to officers from nearby Bristol, they observed a Honda Accord on Route 72 “swerving and weaving all of the road, crossing over the fog line and almost hitting guardrails several times.”

After they pulled him over, officers described Lanza’s condition as appearing “extremely intoxicated.” They also said the off-duty officer failed several field sobriety tests while physically resisting the arresting officers.

According to Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley, during his arrest, Lanza launched vicious racial slurs at the African-American officers that were “captured on audio and video,” by their body and dashboard cameras. However, police have yet to release footage of the incident.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said in a statement following the incident, that Lanza’s actions “appears to have fallen short” of Hartford PD’s standards.

“I am deeply troubled by his use of racial and ethnic slurs during this incident, which is not only offensive and unacceptable, but also undermines the tremendous work our police do every day to build a true partnership with our Hartford community based on trust and respect,” Bronin said. “I commend Chief Rovella for immediately initiating an internal investigation, and for the Department’s ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability.”

In a letter sent to community leaders, Foley said that Lanza’s language “will be specifically addressed in our administrative investigation and outcome.”

“Fortunately or unfortunately, we’ve been in a position to see how other departments have handled these type of incidents poorly with their community,” Foley told the Courant. “Transparency and accountably are the pillars of our community outreach philosophy here in Hartford.”

Of course, we can expect the department to vigorously deny that there’s any systematic racism within their department and chalk this up to “one bad egg.”

But as we’ve seen in countless similar cases, Lanza’s attitude is anything but uncommon in most police departments who’ve been trained to view criminality as being exclusive to certain races.

Over the years, cops across the U.S. have been exposed as members of white supremacist organizations. In 2006, the FBI issued a report warning of white supremacists infiltrating local and state law enforcement agencies.

“At least one white supremacist group has reportedly encouraged ghost skins to seek positions in law enforcement for the capability of alerting skinhead crews of pending investigative action against them,” the report read.

However, Republicans still claim groups like Black Lives Matter, who decide to organize and protest against this disease, are the real “thugs” and that they exaggerate the problem.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of people like Lanza scattered throughout the Criminal Justice System who determine the fates of millions of minorities every day.

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Source Credit: Courant and PBS

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