Arizona Man Indicted For Assaulting Black Neighbor AND His 7-Year-Old Little Boy

A man who appears to be a hateful racist may face repercussions for his actions after yelling racist slurs at his African-American former neighbor and the man’s seven-year-old son and then attacking them with a zap cane, Raw Story reports.

Racist Attacks Black Man In Front Of His Young Son

Mark Porter, 58, now an Arizona resident, was living in Utah at the time of the altercation, and a grand jury there has indicted him for the assault, which happened in November 2016, in Draper, Utah, KSTU reports.

According to the indictment, Porter allegedly called his Black neighbor a “n*gger” before attacking the man with the zap cane.

The indictment reports:

“The defendant yelled ‘n*gger,’ said get out of here to [Victim] and [Victim’s] seven-year-old son, and used a stun cane (zap cane) to assault [Victim], resulting in bodily injury.”

According to court documents, one witness told police that Porter was “loudly making racist comments to another neighbor’s child,” The Root reports.

The documents also stated:

“The child’s father … approached and told Porter not to speak like that to his son. Porter then hit [the man] with something and it sounded like [he] was being shocked. [The man] was thrown backward onto the sidewalk.”

The cane purportedly can shock with the power of one million volts. Yikes.

The boy’s dad told police he heard Porter hollering “get out of here n*gger” at his son, “who was riding his scooter in a common area” in an apartment complex.

“[The man said he] told Porter not to yell at his son. Porter then reached over the railing and hit [the man] with a stun cane.”

The boy’s father said he did get a shock from the cane but said he was able to get it away from Porter, the documents say.

After that, the fun really began. Draper Police arrived on scene and Porter informed them that the neighbor he’d attacked had taken his cane. One officer said he smelled alcohol on Porter’s breath.

Then Porter became even feistier and struggled with two officers, elbowing one and knocking her bodycam off, reports.

Court documents also said:

“Porter continued to yell at officers and threatened to defecate while in the back of the patrol car (what a guy), which he did.”

This racist fool now faces additional charges of assault against a police officer, interference with an arresting officer and intoxication — on top of the original charge of interference with housing, which is considered a hate crime.

And he’s apparently bailed out of Salt Lake Jail, according to

Porter may have been drunk, but that’s not an excuse for his asinine behavior. Frankly, I believe he’s lucky the boy’s dad didn’t brain him with that stun zapper or whatever you call it. And it remains to be seen whether he’s learned anything from this. Racist creeps rarely change.

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