POS Former Ohio Mayor Claims ‘Willing’ 4-Year-Old Came On To Him

Hubbard, Ohio Mayor Richard Keenan claims that he really loves Jesus. He says:

“I’m a Christian. Dedicating my life to Jesus has changed my life. Don’t preach it, but live it” 

That quote is from 2010 when he was sworn in as Mayor, and he held the position for two years. Let’s see what he is up to now.

Apparently, he has been raping and molesting a now four-year-old girl. He also blamed her for it, saying that she initiated it. He called her a “willing participant.”

Wonkette’s Robyn Pennachia said:

“Yeah, you sure would think that with all of that confessin’ that Keenan would not have the balls to say he’s not guilty, but apparently he does! Because some of those confessions could be considered privileged, prosecutors may have trouble getting them into evidence. In Ohio, however, if a spouse wants to testify against their partner, they are allowed to do so. And for some reason, I’m not too sure that Diane is going to decline. I sure as hell wouldn’t. Someone who thinks a 4-year-old is seducing them is probably not someone you wanna be married to or protect.”

Keenan is currently free on a $75,000 bond. I guess he thinks Jesus still loves him. Everyone else probably thinks he’s a sorry sack of shit because I sure do. No four-year-old can initiate or be willing to have sex.

Featured image via Twitter.

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