‘Policy Wonk’ Paul Ryan Fails Miserably When Asked The Minimum Wage In His Home State

In a party predominated by intellectual lightweights, House Speaker Paul Ryan is considered to be one of the brightest of all Republicans, a man known as a “policy wonk,” especially on economic issues.

So it’s especially ironic that Ryan proved his own massive ignorance during an interview with The New York Times. Ryan was asked about raising the minimum wage and resorted to his usual boilerplate answer:

“For every wage you raise, you actually end up losing jobs. You end up destroying jobs.”

That led to a logical follow-up question: Did Ryan even know what the minimum wage in his home state of Wisconsin was? He didn’t. Despite being such a whiz with numbers and policy, Ryan was unable to recall that the current minimum wage in the Badger State is $7.25 an hour. Wonder how he’d like to try and support his family on that.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to take the Speaker to task for his ignorance:

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