‘Disgusted To Be An American’: Crying Confederate Lover IMPLODES Over Losing Beloved Traitor Statue

In Tampa, Florida, a Confederate-loving woman threw an epic tear-filled tantrum over the county’s decision to remove her beloved Confederate monument which stood in front of a court house since 1952.

The incident took place on Thursday at a Hillsborough County Commission meeting.

The woman’s remarks were captured by WFLA reporter Ryan Hughes, who tweeted the hilarious video which quickly went viral.

“I’m disgusted to be an American and I’m disgusted to call Hillsborough County my home,” said the woman.

“You did right, you voted to save it,” the woman said, referring to members of the council’s attempt to halt the relocation of a Confederate monument from in front of the Hillsborough County courthouse to a private cemetery in a Tampa suburb. “I can’t believe it. You did the right thing, and I’m just disgusted.”

Earlier in June, in a 4 to 3 vote, the initially decided to keep the monument. However, in the end, their decision was overruled.

The monument’s removal, which took place on Tuesday, was the result of months of bitter political battles to decide the ultimate fate of the 106-year old marble monument to the traitorous Confederacy that tore a nation apart and enslaved millions of African Americans.

Twitter reactions to the video were hilarious.

You guys are so mean!

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Thankfully, not all the Tweeters were mean spirited; some offered a little helpful advice to the grieving Confederate nuthugger. Here are some examples.

All good advice.

But this was my personal favorite.

There you see? We only want the best for our inbred Confederate fetish-loving Donald Trump supporting mental defects. Because at the end of the day all they really need is a hug (from a rabid grizzly bear).

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Source Credit: Raw Story

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