WATCH: Black Trump Rally Groupie’s UNBELIEVABLY BIZARRE Interview On Why He Hates Hillary Clinton

Michael Symonette a.k.a “Blacks for Trump” guy, a.k.a “Michael the Black Man,” has gain notoriety as being one of Donald Trump’s most frequently seen rally groupies, traveling around the country and holding up signs in support of his favorite orange man.

Recently, Jon Hotchkiss with the liberal “Be Less Stupid” YouTube channel interviewed Symonette at a Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona following the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

To blend in, and get the volatile native Trump herd to speak with him freely, Hotchkiss adorned a stylish Trump T-shirt. However, it’s still unconfirmed on whether or not he soaked in stale beer, chewing tobacco, and pork rines the night before to capture their scent.

But it seems that Hotchkiss got more than he bargained for when he finally caught up with Trump’s #1 African American super fan (who also seems to have an affinity for using motor oil products to style his hair and beard.)

Check out the insanity.

Where to start?

I could take the time every insane conspiracy theory this lunatic shat out of his Trump cock holster, but if you’re reading this article, you’re probably smart enough to know it’s all bullshit. But here are some links to Snopes articles debunking his insanity, just in case you need them.

Clinton Blackface Conspiracy
Clinton Tax Conspiracy

However, I will address one thing he said.

Symonette promoted the old GOP lie that conservatives love to throw out like rancid meat to attract black voters. He said that the Democrats of were the party of slavery, and implied that modern day Republicans are still the party Abraham Lincoln.

Most educated people know that the Republican party that fought in the Civil War is almost the complete polar opposite of the party that exists under the same name today. For one thing, Republicans, like a man interviewed earlier in the video, strongly oppose the removal of Confederate statues and monuments.

But wait, weren’t the Confederates Democrats? That’s weird, why would Republicans support a Democratic Confederacy that fought for white supremacy over African Americans?

The answer is that by the late 20th century, the Republican party began to court southern white voters using a political strategy known as the “Southern Strategy.”  This tactic appealed to the prejudices and bigotry of southern white male voters by demonizing minorities and using divisive language to create an “us versus them” mentality among the electorate.

With their marriage to the Religious Right political movement in the 1970’s (whose first major political issue wasn’t abortion but rather opposing desegregation), the Republican party has managed seduce white nationalists while alienating the people they supposedly “freed” from slavery.

But let’s take a closer look and find out just who is Michael Symonette.

In the 1990’s Symonette was a member of an anti-white black cult called the Nation of Yahweh.

The cult grabbed national headlines after its leader Hulon Mitchell, Jr., who was also known as Yahweh Ben Yahweh, was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder. The cult leader was accused of directing at least two attempted murders as well as extortion and arson.

Symonette was arrested along with 15 other cult members in connection with these crimes. In court, his brother testified that Symonette beat a man who was later found murdered and had stabbed another person in the eye.

Symonette and six other members were acquitted of conspiracy charges and walked free. He then went on to become a right-wing extremist anti-gay preacher who first made headlines as a supporter of Republican Rick Santorum.

It looks like Republican party continues their legacy of attracting the lion-share of crazy people that probably would have been locked up had Ronald Reagan not defunded Mental Institutions in the 80s.


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