Bannon STABS Trump In Back: Firing Comey Was Biggest Mistake In History

Former White House Senior Adviser Steve Bannon recently sat down for an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes, in which Donald Trump’s former advisor described the decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey the biggest mistake in “modern political history.”

During an un-aired segment,  Charlie Rose asked Bannon if he supported Trump’s decision to shit can Comey. Bannon dipped and dodged, refusing to give a direct answer. However, Rose pressed him, asking if Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was one of the senior advisers pushing Trump to get rid of Comey, a question which Bannon also declined to answer.

But Rose managed to corner the beady-eyed rat bastard, asking if Bannon agreed with the notion that had Trump not fired Comey, there would be no special counsel investigation. Bannon surprisingly agreed with that premise and stated that he did not believe that Robert Muller should be fired.

Rose then went in for the kill asking Bannon to comment on reports that he called Comey’s firing the “biggest mistake in political history.”

“That probably would be too bombastic, even for me,” answered Bannon, “but maybe modern political history.”

You know Trump’s out of control anytime an anarchy-loving white supremacist like Steve Bannon’s serving as the “voice of reason” in the White House.

While Bannon still considers himself a Trump supporter, his criticism is still a good indication that we will probably see more political figures disassociate themselves from Trump’s decisions, and possibly from Trump himself.

And Trump had better brace himself, because, in 2018, this trickle of betrayal will turning into a raging flood of disloyalty as more rats continue to abandon the ever sinking MAGA Titanic.

Let’s just hope, when that happens, rats like Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Katrina Pierson, and other Trump parasites are far away from shore to drown in political obscurity and never be heard from again.

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Source Credit: Mediaite

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