A*shat GOP Mayoral Candidate Makes Sure To Remind Voters That She’s ‘White’

Kimberley Paige Barnette is a Republican running to be the next mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, and though she has almost no chance of winning, she made damn sure that voters knew one thing above all others. Her qualifications? Nope. Her positions on the issues. Negative.

Barnette wanted everyone to know that she’s white.

On Facebook, Ms. Barnette posted this on her wall:

Yep, she’s Republican, White, Traditional. She forgot that she’s also a Traditionally Racist Republican.

As part of a recent debate broadcast on WTVI, the PBS station in Charlotte, Barnette managed to flaunt not only her astounding white privilege, but also her bank account, commenting:

“I don’t think we should encourage more lower-income people to [come to] Charlotte. We should attract higher-income people.”

Hey, why don’t we all just have a giant “purge” of the poor in Charlotte? Give them each a buck or two and tell them to get the hell out of town…or else!

It’s people like Kimberley Barnette who compose the vast majority of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters. They’re white and stupid, but don’t forget that first and foremost, the color of their skin makes them better than everyone else. Or so they think.

When the backlash began over her posting, Barnette removed it and promised she’s not the least bit “prejudice”:

“I’m not prejudice. I do not judge other people. Other people judge me. What is the difference? I say I’m white. Others describe themselves as example transgenders. Are they labeling themselves? I’m also a divorced mother of two adult children. I accept others as who they are. I have traditional conservative views when it comes to family and friendships.”

Here’s a suggestion for Barnette’s next campaign posting:

Vote for me. I’m dumb as a rock, middle class, and a racist. But hey, at least I have the right color of skin.

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