You WILL NOT BELIEVE Who’s Being Considered As The Next White House Communications Director

Less than a week after Anthony Scaramucci was shown the door and removed as the Director of Communications for the Trump administration, another intriguing (and frightening) name has now jumped to the top of the list as a possible replacement for the Mooch.

You may want to sit down now just in case your legs buckle.

The name being mentioned most often, according to several reports, is douche weasel right-wing asshat Stephen Miller. Yep, the guy who looks like a damn serial killer:

Initial reports suggested that Miller was merely being mentioned for some undetermined job on the communications staff:

But Axios has Miller as the leading contender to take the place of Scaramucci, largely because of a dust-up Miller had with CNN reporter Jim Acosta earlier this week.

How much of an impression did Miller make? Enough that Steve Bannon is reportedly urging the president to put Miller out front as head of the communications office. Trump was also said to be delighted with how Miller handled himself as he attempted to tell Acosta that the Statue of Liberty didn’t really represent America being open to immigrants from around the world.

Guess it makes sense that Miller is in need of another high-profile job. Now that Lord of the Rings sequels are few and far between, Miller can no longer pay the rent with his old role:

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