Uproar Ensues After Community Organizer Posts Racist Image Of Maxine Waters On Facebook (IMAGES)

A New Mexico woman who’s a community organizer trying to bring in new candidates for Santa Fe’s mayoral and city council elections may have shot her own efforts in the foot by sharing a shocking and racist image online, the Santa Fe New Mexican reports.

Racist Image Comparing A Black Person To An Ape

Gloria Mendoza stirred up outrage by posting the image on Facebook in response to one of her critics. The image is a side-by-side photograph of Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), a very vocal critic of President Donald Trump, and an orangutan wearing a wig that was made to resemble Water’s hair. Both have a similar open-mouthed expression.

Valerie Kennedy was the recipient of the racist image, after she commented on The New Mexican’s Facebook page. She’d remarked that Mendoza “is a bully,” not an activist, and a “hate-filled nuisance.”

Kennedy, who is white, has a Facebook profile that shows a photo that states “reclaiming my time,” a phrase Waters has used that has gained popularity among people who dislike Trump.

After receiving Mendoza’s disgusting post of Waters and an ape, Kennedy wrote:

“Your racism is duly noted.”

Mendoza’s response?

“Good. You look like her. I don’t even know you and you called me a bully? You’re the bully. Let’s see if you tell me that to my face. You don’t like Hispanics.”

“Waters is a racist too.”

Here’s a screenshot of the original post, courtesy of the Santa Fe New Mexican:

Screenshot courtesy of The Santa Fe New Mexican.

This is the upsetting image Mendoza sent:

This is the shamefully racist image comparing Congresswoman Maxine Waters to an orangutan. Screenshot courtesy of The Santa Fe New Mexican/Gloria Mendoza

Mendoza insisted during an interview Wednesday that her message to Kennedy was a joke, and that she didn’t see the photo comparison as racist. She added:

“I don’t use race cards.”

Apparently, Mendoza must live in an alternate universe where racism is a funny joke. Because it sure isn’t funny here. Perhaps the woman is delusional — she believes that the negative response won’t harm her group’s efforts to find and elect candidates for city offices. All this is going to attract are Trump supporters.

Mendoza was asked if she would apologize to Kennedy. Her response?

“Sure, I’ll give it to her right now: Sorry if you’re offended by it. But if they get nasty with me, I’ll get nasty with them.”

Kennedy said Mendoza’s comments are inexcusable, Raw Story reports.

“It’s indefensible, honestly. I don’t want people running for office or trying to influence to influence government to be promoting a racist agenda — and under the guise of ‘Oh, we’re just trying to make Santa Fe better,’ when clearly that’s not what’s going on here, certainly not with Gloria Mendoza.”

Reader Hortencia Benavidez had this to say about Mendoza’s office post:

“What makes me sad is that Mendoza is part of a minority group that has been discriminated against. She’s a Hispanic woman and should know better.”

Indeed, she should. The image Mendoza posted is insulting, racist and cruel. If she’s a community organizer, she certainly has a strange way of doing her job.

But Waters is tough and feisty. If she gets wind of this, she’ll just verbally chew Mendoza up and spit her out.

She makes hash out of Trump quite regularly, after all.

Featured image courtesy of The View/YouTube.

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