Twitter SLAMS Trump-Loving Sheriff David Clarke For Claiming Liberals Are ‘Politicizing’ Hurricane

Another controversial sheriff who’s also a favorite of President Donald Trump — perhaps right behind racist former sheriff Joe Arpaio — is attacking liberals for “politicizing” tropical storm Harvey (which has been downgraded from a hurricane).

Clarke Claims Liberals Using Hurricane To Attack Trump

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke launched the attack a few hours after Trump tweeted praise for his new book (which is likely totally illegal in itself, according to Federal Regulations), The Hill reports.

Clarke’s response was to browbeat progressives with this tweet:

But that wasn’t enough for him. He also went on to henpeck former President Barack Obama for his response to past flooding incidents in the southeastern U.S.

It’s ironic that he would ding Obama over not cutting his vacation short, especially if you consider the fact that Trump has spent weeks playing golf and costing taxpayers $3 million each time he does this.

And according to the Washington Post, by the time Trump comes back from another vacation spent golfing during his presidency, he will have spent all or part of 53 days at leisure. Compare that with Obama’s 15 days at leisure through 2009.

Which means that Clarke can take that snarky tweet and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

As Harvey tears through Texas, causing extreme flooding and an unknown number of fatalities, a number of well-known Twitter users castigated Trump for promoting Clarke’s book:

Trump’s plugging of Clarke’s book comes barely more than one day after he pardoned Arpaio, who was convicted of contempt because he violated a court order by continuing to detain people whose immigration status wasn’t clear, ABC News reports.

Clarke, with his trademark Stetson, is characterized by ABC as a “conservative firebrand,” but again, this is really weird because he calls himself a Democrat.

He characterizes himself as “one of those bare-knuckles fighters” and he doesn’t seem to like the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, having criticized the movement’s “hateful ideology.”

Arpaio and Clarke are repulsive human beings. As things stand right now, we need the Black Lives Matter people because racism, which has never really been quiet in the U.S., is gaining strength again.

Trump and Arpaio don’t hide their racism, and this has gone a long way towards emboldening white nationalists. And I don’t know what the hell Clarke is trying to do, but his criticisms undermine the BLM, and that’s truly unfortunate.

Frankly, I miss the Black Panthers. I wish they were here too. Because we need them to help counteract the damage Trump, Arpaio, and Clarke are doing.

Watch Clarke’s closing speech at CPAC to get an idea of how disgusting a human he is:

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