Trump’s Brain Officially Resigns After He Said War In Afghanistan Should Be Run Like NY Restaurant (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Supporters of President Donald Trump believe he’ll be successful because he’s a businessman. While common sense tells us that running a country is vastly different than managing a restaurant, Trump believes they’re actually quite similar.


Problems in the Middle East have been ongoing for quite sometime, especially in Afghanistan. Despite having no military experience whatsoever, Trump thinks he knows what will finally get the job done.

While speaking with his advisors, Trump took a trip down memory lane and discussed a favorite restaurant of his. The high-class ’21 Club’ was shut down in the eighties for an entire year for renovations.

A year later, it was determined that all that was needed was a bigger kitchen. According to Trump, the restaurant could have avoided a year of revenue loss had they simply talked to the waiters.


According to several sources, Trump wants to fire General John Nicholson. He’s the commander overseeing everything in Afghanistan.
During a two-hour meeting over the 15-year war in Afghanistan, Trump brought up the whole restaurant renovation by suggesting that maybe it’s not always a good idea to listen to the people in charge. After all, if management had simply spoken with the waitstaff they could have avoided losing a years’ worth of business.

Except overseeing a military operations is vastly different from suggesting you need a bigger kitchen. Then again, Trump is grasping at straws to get his approval rating up. The poor guy could use an ego boost right about now, especially since he doesn’t seem to be enjoying the White House.


One of the good things about living in Trump’s America is the existence of Twitter, where people didn’t hold back their criticism of the big Cheeto comparing a war to running a restaurant.

This guy had to remind his followers that yes, this actually happened:

This guy made a fake news headline, suggesting that a waiter will now be running military operations in Afghanistan:

And this guy called just said what we’re all thinking:

Hopefully he’ll be out before the midterm elections, though. We’re all tired of his temper tantrums.

Watch this video to learn more about Trump’s ‘plan’ for the war in Afghanistan.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter. 

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