Transgender Veterans Weigh In On Trump’s Proposed Policy Change

Sasha Buchert, an attorney and transgender veteran wrote an Op-Ed for USA Today in which she says Trump does not understand what it means to serve in the military for a nation like America. Most transgender service members and veterans believe that Trump cannot hinder the progress toward true equality that has already been made by the military with a few uninformed tweets, but they are still concerned.

President Trump’s effort to reverse former President Obama’s policy allowing transgender people to serve openly in the military was announced on the very anniversary that President Truman issued an order to integrate the military.

Buchert said Trump has no understanding of the commitment made by transgender people in the military and how they must shut down a part of themselves to lay down their lives for the nation. Trump degraded transgender service members by tweeting that he was banning them from doing something they love and are willing to do for America.

Buchert said that Trump is sitting on top with a life of privilege and luxury. She went further to say that Trump is a master of distraction and is using this crusade to disrupt the forward progress being made in the military with his short-sighted and discriminating policy expectations.

Different reactions are coming from transgender people who have vowed not to quit without a fight.

Alaina Kupec, a 48-year-old Navy intelligence officer who transitioned to life as a woman in 2013, said her heart got broken when she heard the news of the proposed transgender ban because of soldiers and sailors around the world who selflessly give their lives to serve and protect their country.

Another statement came from combat veteran Shane Ortega, a transgender man in Los Angeles, who said troops who are forced out may lose their VA benefits and future because they may get bad conduct discharges for being transgender. A bad conduct discharge can be as devastating as being convicted of a felony.

Trump made the ban announcement with a series of tweets on Wednesday, claiming that transgender people burdened the military with a high medical cost which the government is not ready to bear. He offered no research to back up that claim, and no plan for how he expected the military to move forward implementing his supposed ban.

Top military officials were taken by surprise when the tweets were posted. They are referring all questions to the White House. The White House, meanwhile, is referring all questions back to the branches of the military. It would appear that, as with so many other things announced via Twitter, that Trump did not put much thought into the ramifications of his clumsy thumb activity.

The generals and military experts he spoke to? We’re thinking his toy soldiers must have been hanging around in the throne room whispering in his ears during a bout of constipation. He really should add more fiber to his diet.

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