Scaramucci: ‘I’m Working On Being Best Person I Can Be’, LYING About Reason He Was FIRED

Earlier this week, TMZ caught up with our favorite hedge-fund gangster type, former very-short-term White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, aka The Mooch. And he was coming out of the D.C. Trump Hotel, no less.

In the (reluctant) interview with TMZ, Scaramucci said he’s “working on being the best person I can be,” and sort of implied that he LEFT the White House to allow new Chief of Staff John Kelly space.

The Mooch’s official statement, or rather the White House’s official statement on his departure, more than suggests that he left voluntarily. In fact, they outright lie about it.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a Monday statement that Scaramucci “felt it was best to give chief of staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team.” 

Whavs, Mooch. Nice spin, though, you and Sarah!

The fact is, Scaramucci was asked to leave by new Chief of Staff John Kelly following a highly publicized obscene phone call with a reporter. You can listen to the call here or below:

Yowza, right??? F*cking mafioso wannabe!

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Furthermore, we all know The Mooch was not only FIRED but actually escorted off the White House grounds past the security perimeter.

From CNN White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny, speaking with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin:

“We are told by our producers, our team, that he was escorted off. That’s not necessarily unusual. If someone is no longer working here, he has no reason to be here. We are told he was escorted off the property earlier this afternoon,” Zeleny relayed. “The question is what happens next?”

As a reminder, here’s the news video detailing that The Mooch was definitely fired and escorted off the grounds like a petty thief.

He did say he won’t be on Dancing with the Stars, though. Or rather….that he doesn’t know how to dance, which could be a hint that he’s READY to learn. Oh God, let it be so. Please let it be so.

Featured image via video screengrab

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