Homospastic Roy Moore Says Gays Are ‘Evil’

The Candidate for Senator and former Chief Justice from Alabama, Roy Moore, is back with another heaping dose of idiocy. He thinks that America is “evil” for allowing same-sex marriage across the country.

Moore is a theocrat who has a long history of trying to break the separation of church and state. He is famous for having the Ten Commandments monument at the Alabama Capitol and fighting to keep it from being taken down.

When interviewed, Moore also could not think of a single Commandment President Donald Trump has broken (hmmm…adultery, anyone?).

Moore pointed out that America promotes a lot of bad things, same-sex marriage being one of them.

This is not the first bit of nastiness to come out of this deplorable’s mouth. He once said this about Islam:

“False religions like Islam, who teach that, ‘you must worship this way,’ are completely opposite with what our First Amendment stands for.”

Roy Moore is on the short list to finish out Jeff Sessions’ Senate term in a special election in Alabama.

Roy Moore was actually suspended from his job as Chief Justice in the State of Alabama because he couldn’t follow the same-sex marriage ruling from the Supreme Court. He wrote letters to county judges urging them to not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

This asshole can’t follow federal rulings. He should NOT be allowed to hold any kind of public office. This guy is way too extreme, even for Alabama.

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