Right-Wing Idiots Lose Their Tiny Minds Over ‘Burqa Women’ That Turned Out To Be Bus Seats

It turns out the United States isn’t the only place you can find extremist morons who think they’ve found evidence of an Islamic invasion.

In Norway, an anti-Islamic group that goes by the name Fedrelandet viktigst — “Fatherland First”— posted a photo on Facebook along with a warning that busloads of women in burqas were being brought into the country surreptitiously. They labeled the development “terrifying,” and drew lots of comments from others horrified by what was taking place. One hateful sympathizer posted:

“Get them out of our country – frightening times we are living in!”

Others suggested that the women might be smuggling machine guns or bombs under their clothes.

But “Fatherland First” became the laughingstock of the internet when it was revealed that the “burqa women” were actually just six empty seats on a public bus.


The photo was posted as a joke by journalist Johan Slåttavik, who said he wanted to see just how quickly a “fake news” story could reach fever pitch on social media:

Norwegian journalist Sindre Beyer commented on the incident:

“I’m shocked at how much hate and fake news is spread [on the Fedrelandet viktigst page]. So much hatred against empty bus seats certainly shows that prejudice wins out over wisdom.”

Maybe we should send the photo to Donald Trump on Twitter and see how quickly he loses what’s left of his already addled mind.

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