Racist Woman Has Total Meltdown In CA Target Store, Calls Employees ‘F*cking Sand N*ggers’

Video of a woman screaming racist insults at people in a California Target store has quickly gone viral, proving that in Donald Trump’s brave new world, some people suddenly feel empowered to express the most vile things imaginable.

The video shows the woman spotting someone and shouting:

“You fucking sand n*ggers! Fucking pieces of shit, fuck all of you… all of you are shit! F*ck you, you sand n*gger bitches! You are sh*t!”

As the woman yelled at customers and employees, she also proceeded to throw merchandise at them. She was finally restrained by a security guard and began crying:

“I’ll leave if you let go.”

The video, uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday by Cody Walzel, was shot at a Target store in North Hollywood. Walzel also noted that before the video began, the deranged woman was shouting about terrorists keeping people in a “flesh cave” underneath the store. Walzel also said that employees were on the phone with police (who never showed up), so the security guard was forced to take matters into his own hands and subdue the woman.

The woman in the video has not yet been identified, but we can hope she was able to get her medication and stay out of public spaces until it takes effect.

Here’s the video:


Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab

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