Moronic Mike: If Statues Of Robert E. Lee Are Removed, Mt. Rushmore Will Be Next

As some Republicans try desperately to defend the indefensible remarks of their Orange Savior, President Trump, they’re increasingly sounding almost as ridiculous as Trump himself, who is now calling Confederate memorials “beautiful.”

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee appeared on Fox Business Thursday and began his liefest by telling host David Asman that Trump was right when he said “both sides” were to blame for what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia:

“Watch the videotape. The white supremacists — who I despise and I think are absolutely evil, let me make that clear — were they fighting themselves? If they weren’t, who were they fighting? And were those other people fighting back? Were both sides of this conflict swinging fists and clubs? If they were, then what Donald Trump said is true.”

Next, Huckabee tried to equate Confederate figures such as Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis with Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln:

“Jefferson was not only a slave owner, but he had sexual relationships with slaves and children with slaves. So if we’re going to be consistent, I don’t know what monuments we have left. I think pretty much all of Mr. Rushmore goes down. Quite frankly, and this is not easily known, Abraham Lincoln in his private writings said some things that were pretty doggone racist. Where do we stop? We don’t!”

Here’s the difference between Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis and Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln: Confederates were traitors to their country who tried to bring about the violent overthrow of a duly elected president and Congress. Abraham Lincoln saved this country and upheld the Constitution. Lee and Davis wanted to destroy the government that was in place based on that same Constitution Should we lionize traitors like the Confederates who were motivated first and foremost by racism?

It’s so much fun to watch as Republicans engage in yet another civil war: This one between members of their own party. As was predicted when he first decided to run for president, Donald Trump may wind up destroying the Republican party once and for all.

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