Keith Olbermann: Here’s How The Trump Resignation Will Go

In recent weeks there’s been increasing talk that President Trump may soon resign. Considering the despicable way he handled Charlottesville and the crazed speech he gave at a rally in Phoenix Tuesday night, along with the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Trump may soon run out of options and be forced to pull a Nixon.

Veteran broadcaster Keith Olbermann is now speculating about how the resignation of Donnie Con Man will go down. Olbermann read a tweet from CNBC’s John Harwood:

Next, Olbermann listed several news items regarding the Russia investigation and possible obstruction of justice by the president, then adding:

“For a while now, I have thought the Trump presidency would end suddenly.”

Recalling the time in 1998 when President Clinton was mired in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Olbermann noted:

“This was, of course, the Clinton-Lewinski story, And it was breaking that suddenly and unexpectedly and for weeks now I have been anticipating that Trump’s last day in office will dawn like all the others. And then around dinner time it will suddenly break that he is about to resign.

“I don’t know if that’s next Tuesday or next year, but I think whenever it is, that is what it will feel like.”

Speaking for tens of millions of us who are sick and tired of Donald Trump as head of state, Olbermann concluded:

“Would that work for you? Yeah it would!”

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