John McCain Can’t Stop Sub-Tweeting Donald Trump And It’s Hilarious

From Liberal America:

You guys tell me all the time “I don’t know how you do it” when I talk about seeing “this crazy article” or “that crazy nutjob meme” in conservative Facebook groups, on Twitter, or via email subscriptions. The fact is, I need to stay on top of what these nutters are up to so that I can keep you guys up to date!

And that’s how I found this article from a site called “Liberty Writers” (lol) with the ominous click-bait headline of “McCain Just Declared War On Trump After Releasing A Tweet That STUNNED The White House.”

Republican Sen. John McCain has been on a warpath lately but now he’s finding new ways to insult and accuse our President.

The author is referring to a recent tweet from Sen. John McCain, and I seriously doubt it “stunned the White House.”

Sen. McCain appears to be sub-tweeting our slovenly vacationer-in-chief, who tweeted this a couple of hours earlier.

Sunday morning, McCain tweeted a link to a scathing WaPo op-ed penned by conservative analyst Charles Krauthammer.

An excerpt from Krauthammer’s piece:

A future trivia question and historical footnote, the spectacular 10-day flameout of Anthony Scaramucci qualifies as the most entertaining episode yet of the ongoing reality show that is the Trump presidency. (Working title: “The Pompadours of 1600 Pennsylvania.”) But even as the cocksure sycophant’s gobsmacking spectacle stole the show, something of real importance took place a bit lower on the radar.

At five separate junctures, the sinews of our democracy held against the careening recklessness of this presidency.

Krauthammer eviscerated Donald Trump point by delicious point. Seriously, go read it.

Also on Sunday, McCain tweeted an image of a newspaper headline.

So is John McCain on the “warpath” against Donald Trump? Meh. Doubtful. McCain is fighting for his life as he begins treatment for aggressive brain cancer. I suspect a pissing match with Trump is the furthest thing from his mind.

I’m not a huge John McCain fan and I disagree with him on most issues. But honestly? I don’t think his goal in life is to discredit our stupid president; Trump is doing that enough on his own. The fact is, any intelligent and discerning person in this country can see the damage that’s being done by Donald Trump’s presidency. Disagree with John McCain or not, he’s not an idiot, and he does care about our country.

That said, it’s hella fun to watch McCain getting some digs in, deliberately malicious or not!

Featured image via YouTube screengrab

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