Idiotic Fox Host: Removing Racist Statues Is A Plot So We’ll Forget Dems ‘Enslaved Blacks’

According to President Trump, we shouldn’t remove statues or memorials to members of the traitorous American Confederacy because they’re so damn “beautiful”:

But wouldn’t it be more fitting to have memorials to those who won the Civil War and the true heroes who defended our freedom in wars that range from WWI to our ongoing conflicts in both Afghanistan and Iraq? Why should we lionize men who sought to rip this country apart so they could maintain slavery?

Now we have Fox News jumping on Trump’s confederate bandwagon, with dimwitted host Jesse Watters (a protegé of the serial sexual harasser Bill O’Reilly) saying he agrees with Trump:

“Watters World personally believes that Confederate War statues are part of our nation’s history. And can serve as important relics to reflect upon.”

Does that mean we should have relics and memorials to anarchists and assassins? After all, they’re a part of this country’s history, too. How would Watters feel about a giant statue devoted to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, even though we know Mrs. Rosenberg was executed for a crime she likely didn’t commit?

Watters was far from done proving his own ignorance of history as he then tried to tar Democrats as the party of slavery:

“Let’s also remember that all of these Confederate War heroes were Democrats. Democrats were the party of slavery. Maybe the left wants to tear down these statues so the country forgets that the Democratic Party enslaved black people.”

So all slave traders and slave owners were Democrats, Jesse? Did you fall asleep in American history class, or are you just fond of being willfully ignorant like the majority of on-air personalities at Fox News?

People of various political parties were responsible for the sin of slavery, and to blame it on just one party misses the larger point of how at one time in this country, it was legal to own another human being.

I might be able to partially respect Trump and Watters for their honesty if they’d just come right out and admit the real reason they want to keep memories of the Confederacy alive: So that anyone who isn’t a white man will never get too comfortable in this country.

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