‘Hurry Up And Die,’ Say Racist Trump Supporters To California Lawmakers: ‘This Is Trump Territory’ (VIDEO)

Senate Pro Tem Kevin de León, a Democrat, is used to receiving racist and threatening letters at his office in Sacramento, California, but since the 2016 election, he said he’s definitely receiving more and more of them, Raw Story reports.

Trump Supporters Crawl Out From The Rock They Live Under

The latest letter is addressed to “Corrupt Mexican” and signed “White Power” also contains the phrase “hurry up and die,” The Sacramento Bee reports. Staff members placed the letter in a file now stuffed with racist and threatening mail in the receptionist’s desk.

De León notes this is, unfortunately, part of the job. When he began as a freshman in the Assembly, some hateful opponents peppered their letters with derogatory racist slurs and complaints, he said.

But since November, de León and other politicians say racism has increased dramatically since the 2016 election.

In one such case, a stranger cornered State Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-District 33) outside a popular restaurant in Sacramento, earlier this month and screamed racial epithets and profanities in his face.

Representatives from Sen. Holly Mitchell’s (D-District 30) Los Angeles District office said they receive a call from someone once a month who refers to her and other members of her staff with the N-word. This never happened before the 2016 election, they said.

One obnoxious group of Trump supporters regularly disrupts Democratic town halls, as well as other political forums in Southern California. While de León was at a May Latino summit at the University of California, Riverside, where scholars and community leaders met to form strategies for fighting Trump’s agenda, these cruel racists were there and some called De León an “anchor baby” and “illegal alien scumbag.”

These people must have plenty of time on their hands because they also post YouTube videos of themselves harassing politicians.

But that’s a Trump supporter for you. This is what so many of them do, this cruel and uncalled-for behavior.

Fighting Threats From Trump Supporters

And de León knows his own mind on this subject.

“In my mind, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump has opened up this Pandora’s box. There’s no question about it, because he’s done nothing as president of the United States to temper it down or heal the nation.”

And de León noted that racism against lawmakers isn’t anything new.

Fabian Núñez, who served as Assembly speaker from 2004-2008, also had to deal with his share of racist idiots.

“We dealt with it throughout my entire tenure. The more high profile you are, the more of these attacks you get.”

De León received an ominous-sounding letter in April from a man claiming he is a “decorated U.S. Marine sniper,” who boasted he left no DNA or fingerprints on the letter. The letter-writer threatened to hunt down liberal lawmakers like dogs.

The letter read:

“Not today, not tomorrow, maybe in 15 years when you feel safe, I will be your worst nightmare come true.”

Trump supporter Arthur Schaper, who regularly attends Democratic town halls, once hollered “cities are for citizens!” at de León. He was wearing one of those infamous and stupid “Make America Great Again” red hats that are so adored by Trump supporters.

He was full of enthusiasm (or something else) and told the Sacramento Bee this:

“Trump has excited so many disaffected conservatives and angry citizens in general. More people are getting out there. They’ve seen the damage that has been done to this country by eight years of radical leftism from the Obama presidency.”

Schaper claims he isn’t a racist and doesn’t know of any racist comments he’s posted or sent to legislators, but it’s very obvious he doesn’t like immigrants.

He’s affiliated with anti-immigrant groups such as We The People Rising, American Children First, The Remembrance Project.

Schaper told The Bee that after years of insulting and badgering legislators at town halls, he finally feels like he has a president who supports him.

So he filmed himself in front of de León’s district office and rattled off this racist remark — even though, according to him, he’s not a racist.

“This is Trump territory folks, even in de León office. This is our country.”

Trump Supporters Are Not Good News

But people like Schaper, who love Trump so much, are really nothing more than spoiled children. These people are like a child who doesn’t want to share her birthday cake, who doesn’t care who gets hurt feelings.

But they are far more dangerous, especially if they decide that you don’t belong here. And this is the way things are in the U.S. It’s going to be like this for as long as Trump is in office, and almost certainly well after he leaves.

We’re in for a grim eight years.

Featured image courtesy of The Sacramento Bee 

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